Why Agios Gordios Beach Corfu is perfect for kids…

Why Agios Gordios Beach Corfu is perfect for kids…

Have you considered staying near Agios Gordios Beach Corfu in Greece? We have been there twice and have a third holiday booked for this Summer – so I would like to tell you why Agios Gordios Beach Corfu is perfect for kids!

A bit of background about Agios Gordios Beach Corfu…

Agiod Gordios is a small coastal town just a 30 to 40 minute journey from Corfu Airport. It is small in size and doesn’t feel like a crowded beach resort in any way but also has plenty of restaurants to choose from, along with a couple of bars.

Many of the restaurants and hotels there are owned by Greek families who have lived in the town for generations and many of the other holidaymakers we meet when we go there have been visiting for years. A true sign of a great find! 

Keep on reading to find out more about Agios Gordios beach and if you don’t get a chance to go abroad this year, you can always create your own pretend Greek beach?

What is Agios Gordios Beach Corfu like?

The beach itself has beautifully soft sand and the sea goes out for miles. It can switch between medium sized waves to being very calm across a few days and occasionally larger waves. Though when we were there for two weeks last year, it was calm for nearly all of the time, with just a couple of days of slightly choppy water.

There are plenty of sun loungers to choose from, even in peak season (our last visit to Agios Gordios Beach Corfu was in August) and many of the restaurants let you use their sun-loungers for free so long as you purchase a drink from them…

There’s a stunning headland jutting out on one end of the beach (the end where Seabreeze Family Beach Hotel is) and we have spent many’s a day on our inflatables going from one end of the beach to the other (always accompanied by our chattering child!). One of my favourite ways to spend our holiday in Greece with kids

Why Agios Gordios Beach Corfu is perfect for kids…

Why is Agios Gordios Beach Corfu so good for kids?

There are a number of reasons why I think Agios Gordios Beach Corfu is a fantastic beach for families and I have outlined them here:

  1. If you are staying in Agios Gordios, the beach won’t be far from your accommodation as nearly all hotels and rental properties are close to the beach
  2. The sand is soft, unlike some of the pebbly beaches near us in the UK and also on the North of Corfu, perfect for little people to play on, dashing in and and out of the sea
  3. There is no shortage of sun loungers. We usually get two between us as it is rare that both my husband and I get to sit down at the same time and use it more as a base for playing beach games and going in the water. We usually pay for our sunbeds down the far end of the beach where Joyce & Sebastian are located (near Elena’s Taverna). They will reserve sunbeds for you and they are really well spaced out with a fantastic service.
  4. The restaurants all look out onto the beach so when you are ready to have some lunch, you don’t need to pack everything up and can just wander into one of the lovely tavernas for a meal with the kids
  5. The way Agios Gordios Beach is positioned means that families can enjoy an awesome sunset each evening. Something my boys probably don’t appreciate as much as me, but something I hope they’ll remember no less!

If you are thinking of exploring other areas of Greece, you’ll love this guide to one week in Crete. I am yet to visit but it is high up there on my list.

If you are thinking of visiting Agios Gordios Beach Corfu, you won’t be disappointed and if you have been there before, I would love to hear what you thought of it too?

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