Why Agios Gordios Beach Corfu is perfect for kids…

Agios Gordios Review: 5 reasons we keep returning to this family friendly beach resort!

Why Agios Gordios Beach Corfu is perfect for kids…

Read our Agios Gordios Review and let us know if you decide to go!

Agios Gordios Review: We have just booked another trip to Agios Gordios on Corfu which will be our third visit there in the space of a few years. So why do we keep returning to this family friendly beach resort? Keep reading and I’ll explain it to you…

1) The beach!

The beach at Agios Gordios is beautifully sandy, spacious and sparkly! Even a peak season, you’ll find space for somewhere to relax. The sun-loungers can be used free of charge at many of the sections along the beach, so long as your purchase a drink at the restaurant. We tended to use the sun-loungers offered by Joyce and Sebastian at one end of the beach. There was a fee (I think it was 8 euro for two sun-loungers and umbrella) for these but it was worth it in my opinion. It is a slightly quieter end of the beac, the sun-loungers are spaced out further apart and Joyce will reserve one for you each day if you like. She also has magazines you can borrow as well as inflatables and beach games.

2) The pools

In Agios Gordios (and perhaps other Greek resorts?) it is accepted that you can use the swimmings pool at any venues which also have a bar – so long as you purchase a drink or two. Last year we stayed at a self catering apartment which didn’t have a pool but we were able to enjoy using the facilities at several of the local restaurants each afternoon! As much as I love the beach, I do enjoy swimming pools almost as much too…

3) Location

Agios Gordios is a short drive from the airport (approx 30 minutes) which makes it easy when travelling with kids as well as cheap if you are thinking of hiring a taxi from the airport to your accommodation. We found this the best way of doing it as didn’t need a hire car for the whole time. We rented a car for one day and combined with a taxi both ways to the airport, this proved much cheaper than hiring a car for the whole time.

4) Reasonably priced!

We seem to be able to have a two week holiday here for a decent price. We have always flown via Easyjet and booked the flights pretty much as soon as they are released (10 months in advance). We have usually gone for mid-range accommodation, of which there is plenty, again so long as you book in advance. We always prepare breakfast ourselves and usually eat out for both lunch and dinner at the reasonably priced restaurants around Agios Gordios. Because swimming in both the local pools and at the beach is our number 1 thing to do on a family holiday, we don’t end up spending much beyond food and drink.

5) Guaranteed sunshine

Corfu and Greece is just that little bit further on a plane than Spain, France and some of our other favourites. The extra distance means that sunshine is pretty much guaranteed between certain months, which for me is sooooooo important!

That’s it….my five reasons why we keep returning to Agios Gordios on Corfu! Have you been there? Are you a fan too?! Please do get in contact to let me know what you think…

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