brilliant gifts for kids

Best kept secrets for buying brilliant gifts for kids!

Do you find it tricky to come up with exciting and relevant gifts ideas for the kids? Look no further!

AD – This is a collaborative post with Wicked Uncle. As always, all thought are my own.

My three children are all born in the same month (in different years) so I have always needed to be super organised when it comes to planning and buying their birthday presents. Actually that goes for Christmas presents too. After almost ten years of parenting and also many years of buying gifts for my gorgeous  nephews, I have picked up some useful present buying tips along the way. So here they are, my best kept secrets for buying brilliant children’s presents…

Keep a running list of ideas

I find that I come across ideas for children’s gifts at very random times and places. I keep a list on my phone, using the Evernote app which I just add to each time I think of something. That way, I don’t need to go and search for a pen and paper and it is always in the one place. You could also go a step further and give access to your husband/wife/partner too so that they an add ideas to it. Just ensure that they can’t see any gift ideas which you have come up with for them!

brilliant gifts for kids

Wicked Uncle all the way!

I started using Wicked Uncle for buying fantastic gifts many years ago when I needed to buy a birthday present for my nephew and had no idea about what would be suitable for a 4 year old boy. Wicked Uncle has so many unique gifts on there and I love the way the different sections are divided up. Visitors can choose to opt to see ideas for a girl or boy or can search by age or category of toy. It is so simple to use and there is a super selection of fun and unusual gifts for children on there.

Take photos

Whenever my children come across a toy that they are ‘desperate’ to have, I take a photo of them with the toy and save it in a folder on my iPhone. This stops them moaning about needing to wait until their birthday until they receive the gift (if they are lucky enough to be given it) and it also prevents any kind of impulse buying. I have several pics of my daughter with the Barbie Dream House which I think she’ll love for her next birthday present. It is so handy to then be able to look through the folder when  a birthday or christmas is coming up and usually my children will have forgotten about that particular toy by then, ensuring it is a complete surprise…

Have a word with their parents

If you are buying a gift for someone else’s child, it may sound obvious but actually asking the child’s parent about their love one’s interests can at least point you in the right direction for what to purchase. I do sometimes check with the parent beforehand to ensure that the child doesn’t already have the toy that I was planning to get. Just in case!

brilliant gifts for kids

See what their friends are getting!

Have a chat to other parents too. Did they get something really good for their child for their birthday? What was their most ‘played with’ gift at Christmas for example? Could this be something that your child would love to receive too? The chances are if their friend likes it, they will most likely love it too…


As parents I think we can often push our own childhood ideals onto our children but in this case, I do think it is useful. What did you love playing with as a child? Is it currently available to buy or is there a slightly different or evolved version available now? Can you recreate and share this with your child? Or is there a more modern version you can play with together at home?

I hope you found this blog post with ideas for buying the best gifts for children useful? This should be a fun experience and with a little forethought, you can stay on top of this admin task and even enjoy it too!

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