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Go All Out With 5 Unusual Gifts For Your Buddy This Christmas

Running out of ideas for Christmas gifts for the festive season is quite common. Given the confusion and being spoilt for choices because of the ample number of options that are available on the market, you are bound to feel overwhelmed and end up buying nothing till the very last minute.

To cut down the noise, we have curated a list of unique gifts such as watchmaker tools for all your buddies and family members; all exclusively new, so you don’t end up buying them socks every year.

Let’s look at them!

1. A Pottery Kit

Christmas gifts naturally incur more value if they come with a purpose. A pottery kit, therefore, comes in handy when you want to give your buddy a gift that can help them grow. In a way, you are giving them a new hobby to explore when they feel creative.

Usually, every pottery kit has everything that you need if you’re just a beginner; they’ll be making plant pots, candle holders, coasters and mini-sculptures before you know it!

2. A Karaoke Set

Not only is a karaoke set a great Christmas gift, but it is something that will help your buddy to host Karaoke themed parties in the future. With the at-home sets, your get-togethers are going to be ten times more fun than usual. Add to that, this gift is a sure-shot way to awaken the hidden singers who like to sing ballads like Beyonce; they’ll be super grateful to you for such a thoughtful gift!

What’s more, you can curate a playlist of songs to go along with the Karaoke set, as a token of love, consisting of a list of songs you think that your buddy would enjoy singing.

3. A Self-Care Kit 

Holidays are to rejuvenate and relax; they’re a set of days where you need to take care of yourself. Moreover, it is the time where you should rest enough for the challenges that lay ahead of you in the future, to have a fruitful next year.

For such a challenging task, of keeping yourself a step ahead of the hindrances that come next year, now is the time to take a breather and relax yourself.

A self-care kit filled with Christmas cards, scented candles, chocolates and other gifts depending on your buddy’s choices, can help them take a pause for an even better future.

It is a perfect gift that can be used on Christmas morning; they can simply enjoy a book by a side table that has your scented candles and have the time off that they deserve.

4. A Set of Advent Calendars

Christmas is an auspicious time where you also need to respect the traditions and celebrate the holy importance of it. Advent calendars are one such gift that will remind your buddies the true meaning of Christmas, the importance of the waiting period before the grand Christmas feast.

Of course, the tradition has been modernised over time; the advent calendars that are now available on the market come with small treats for each day you wait before Christmas, so it’s a plus-plus!

5. A Pasta Maker 

For the chef buddy of yours, a great way to make their Christmas and bring a broad smile on their faces on festive morning is by giving this unique gift – a pasta making machine.

If they are also just starting out or have absolutely no experience in cooking, a gift of this kind will tickle their chef skills to at least attempt their hand at the art of pasta making. This gift will also not break your banks, so we say this gift is a win-win for everyone!

6. To Wrap Up… 

Another important element of the entire gifting process is how creative you can get with gift wrapping. Since you have the flexibility, you should go all out with the wrapping by bringing in all things Christmas.

There are several DIYs that you can look up online. For instance, you can use doilies in creative ways onto a brown paper for a unique looking gift. Another great idea is to pair your gifts with a bottle of champagne with a note hanging on its neck with a red ribbon, with Christmas messages to make their day more merrier!

Efforts of this sort can easily help you to translate your love language into a gift for your buddy; something that says that you love and care for them while actually saying the words.

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