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The best Mykonos places to stay with the family

Mykonos might have become known for its animated nightlife and legendary parties, but it is also a top option for relaxing and enjoyable family holidays. Being a beautiful Greek island, Mykonos attracts with its sugary shores, cobalt, crystalline waters, idyllic sunsets, archaeological sites, museums, natural landscape, and adorable Cycladic architecture.

For families, it offers a wealth of activities, including water sports, and an abundance of 5* hotels with world-class facilities and amenities. From private beaches and restaurants to spa centres and swimming pools, chances are you’ll get every wish granted here while visiting the island with the little ones.

As for the best places to consider staying in, specific regions cater to the needs of families a bit more than others. Whether you are looking for a mykonos villa, a luxury hotel or something else, some of the areas that can cast a spell on you for that reason are as follows.

Best pick: Ornos – The most family-friendly Mykonos location

Not too loud, yet not too quiet; not too party-crazy, yet with plenty of entertainment options; far from the night-long events, yet close enough to the beating heart of the island (Mykonos Town), Ornos is ideal for family vacations. It also provides proximity to the main Mykonos transportation network, enabling you to get around the island without breaking a sweat. Located in a lovely bay, Ornos Beach is, indeed, absolutely magnificent, with a large sandy shore and crystal-clear waters for the kids to enjoy.

At the same time, its key location allows you to explore other popular and equally charming beaches within reach. As for the hours away from the shore, the place has lots of restaurants, shops, whitewashed chapels with blue domes, scenic cobbled alleys running through the quaint Ornos village, and tavernas to please you.

And, when it comes to accommodation, you will find exceptional luxury hotels, like beachfront Kivotos Mykonos, pampering guests with a wellness and spa centre, private swimming pool, private beach, private dining options, bars, exquisite seascapes, restaurants, open-air Jacuzzis, elegant suites, independent villas, and a wide array of concierge and other services.

Runner up option #1: Platis Gialos Beach

Heading to the south of the island, Platis Gialos greets visitors with ample space on the beach for the kids to run around and play. Want to soak up some rays minus the large crowds? Come early in the morning and have the entire shore almost for yourself! The coastline here is also full of secret coves, which can blow your mind with their allure, should you decide to do some exploring with the children. And, if you are lucky enough, you may discover a spot not many tourists have seen and make some fantastic Aegean Sea-facing sandcastles there!

The downside is that Platis Gialos does not provide many tourist facilities. Plus, it is not very easy to reach. However, it’s close to the airport, which means less transport time for you. Regarding accommodation, there are a few luxury villas in the area that you could rent and even less hotels a bit further out.

Runner up option #2: Agios Stefanos Beach

On the northern side of Mykonos lies Agios Stefanos Beach – a much less crowded (and a bit more wind-protected) option than Ornos and Platis Gialos. Agios Stefanos will definitely spoil you with the most panoramic sunset views on the island, while also providing access to the new harbour. This gives you the chance to set out on a Mykonos exploration expedition (either by sea bus or water-taxi or land) and get to know more of Mykonos and neighbouring Delos Island (also a UNESCO World Heritage site). What you may not like about this beach is its size, as it is significantly smaller than the other ones mentioned above.

Final Thoughts

Mykonos can either become your huge party land or a family island to enjoy with the children. It all depends on your choices and type of adventure you wish to experience here. As long as you steer clear from the areas that are tied to crazy non-stop partying and a wild night scene, such as Super Paradise and Paradise beach, most of Mykonos will certainly suit your needs perfectly. Nevertheless, Ornos Bay is definitely a big winner when it comes to family holidays, as it manages to combine cosmopolitan Mykonos, its Greek island attributes, and family-packed amenities and adventures.

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