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How To Approach Vacation Time When You’re Terrified Of Flying

If you’re someone that suffers with aviophobia (fear of flying), then there’s a good chance you avoid planning vacations in fear of having to board a plane. There are many reasons why someone may be aviophobic such as bad previous experiences, or the fear of the unknown. Either way, wanting to avoid being on a plane is completely understandable! However, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy vacations with your loved ones either! Today we’re going to look at how you can approach vacation time when you’re terrified of flying.

Staycation rather than vacation

If getting on a plane is an absolute no-no, then travelling far is out of the question. However, you can still enjoy time away in your area, or even in your country if you’re up for a road trip! Here in the UK, you’re never more than 70 miles away from the ocean, so even those living inland can visit the seaside within a day and begin enjoying time away without the need to get on a plane. If you’re also in the UK, you may want to check out the top staycation destinations in the UK so that you can take advantage of the beautiful hidden gems around the UK.

The great thing about staycations is that you don’t have to spend the earth to have a great time either. No plane tickets = less money spent, and you can choose to do anything from camping to a cheap b&b by the sea.

You don’t need to fly to travel overseas

Flying is without a doubt the easiest and fastest way to travel around the world, especially if you’re travelling far overseas to the other side of the world. However it’s not the only option! Why not consider other modes of transport? For example, if you wanted to travel from the UK to Spain but didn’t want to fly, you could choose minibus hire Manchester to Dover, where you could either have a ferry or eurotunnel across the channel, and then board a coach in Calais all the way to Spain. Yes, it might take a day or two to make your journey, but it is totally possible to avoid flying altogether. 

If you have to fly

There may come a time where flying is the only logical option, both for speed and cost. If you have some extra money for flying, you could instead choose to go on a private plane. They are not just for the rich and famous, many people do charter these types of aircrafts as they feel safer. All planes go through stringent checks to ensure they are fit to take to the skies. Maintenance teams will survey every inch of the plane, top it up with something like aeroshell w100 plus engine oil for superior performance, and check to see if the hydraulic parts are functioning correctly. Flying can be a scary experience for so many people, but being aware of how things operate can put your mind at ease.

Whatever the reason for flying, you might be wondering how you’re going to cope with it all, and there are a few things you can do to help make the journey easier, such as:

          Speak to your GP in plenty of time before your flight. They will be able to prescribe medication that will help keep you calm during your flight. Your GP will be able to determine the best course of action depending on the length of your flight and any responsibilities you may have such as caring for children.

          Fly with someone that understands you have aviophobia

          Know your triggers

          Let the flight attendants know

          Understand what causes turbulence

          Take distractions 

Aviophobia is no joke but with these tips you can easily vacation through avoidance or facing your fear head on. You’ve got this!

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