Catalonia welcomes UK

Catalonia welcomes visitors from the UK once again

Throughout the last year, I have been dreaming of escaping the UK and setting myself up in sunny Spain – perhaps at a luxury villa near the Costa Brava in Catalonia? This is one of our favourite places to visit as a family for so many reasons! There are so many fantastic options for holiday rentals in Girona and surrounding towns and villages, to suit a range of different budgets. From holiday cottages and country houses to sprawling mansions with gorgeous swimming pools, there is plenty of availability too.

There are so many reasons to visit Catalonia and Costa Brava and we have outlined some of our favourites below:

Sun sun sun!

As cliched as it may sound, Spain really does get wonderful weather – and what better place to enjoy it than Catalonia? You are never too far from the sea, so even if it is roasting hot, you’ll always have the option to cool down by the beach on the Costa Brava.

We have had pretty miserable weather in the UK over the last few months so visiting somewhere like Catalonia really is a stark contrast!

Visiting the town of Girona

You might recognise the enchanting town of Girona with its picture postcard view across the river and the perfect pastel colours of the Casas de l’Onyar?  Walk along the ancient fortress walls and enjoy breathtaking views, stroll on down to the Jewish Quarter.

Dine at Plaça Independencia square, located just west of the Onyar Rive and count the steps at Placa de la Catedral. There really is so much to do there! If you would like to know more, then read about the best secrets to discover Girona and the Costa Brava by Naturaki.

Explore the mountain villages of Catalonia

The Catalan Pyrenees are just waiting to be discovered! Escape the crowds with unspoiled landscapes. There are plenty of villages to visit but Camprodon and Setcases are probably our favourites. Step back in time and admire the striking Romanesque churches and ancient monasteries. You won’t be disappointed!

Indulge in local cuisine

From fresh fish and perfect paella to terrific tapas, tortilla and all sorts of treats, the Catalonian cuisine is out of this world.

Try the Escudella i carn d’olla, a hearty stew with meat and vegetables or pa amb tomàquet (a Catalan take on bruschetta).

You must of course try crema catalana for dessert – a Catalan version of the crème brûlée – which some might say is even tastier! I always love trying to order my meals in the native language as it is an opportunity for me to try to learn Spanish!

Something a bit different

We have visited Spain many many times over the years but more recently, we have enjoyed visited the lesser known areas. From vibrant Valencia to gorgeous Grenada and so many places in between, this has been a complete breath of fresh-air as there really is so much to see and discover.

Basing yourself at a gorgeous cottage or villa in Catalonia opens up so many options. You can choose to laze by the pool and recharge your batteries, escaping the stress of normal life! Or you take a drive up to the Pyrenees and take part in some sort of adventure sport or simply enjoy walking along one of the many trails.

On other days, why not choose to discover some of the gorgeous villages full of history and charm or drive to different resorts along the Costa Brava and marvel at the beautiful country you are in.

We would love to know if you have ever visited Catalonia and the Costa Brava? Let us know in the comments below!

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