Working While Travelling

Working While Travelling (That Does Not Involve Teaching!)

When we are travelling, understandably, we need to earn a certain amount of money to keep us afloat. But usually, people think of teaching English as a foreign language or teaching in general. However, if you do not have the skills, or do not have the inclination to do this, what jobs are there? Let’s show you some of the more different and interesting jobs.


If you want to work in holiday hotspots like Magaluf over the summer, being a DJ is one of the livelier jobs out there! Of course, when you work in hotspots like Magaluf, there’s a lot of jobs that require you to prop up the bar. But if you’ve got some experience behind the decks, this is an ideal way to spin tunes you love, and it doesn’t feel like work! But of course, working as a DJ means that you are unlikely to clock off your shifts until at least 3 in the morning!

Cruise Ship Work

As one of the best ways to travel the world while working, working on a cruise ship gives you the opportunity to experience the world from port to port. Cruise ship jobs are numerous, from waiters to cooks and customer service representatives, and of course, there’s the entertainment side of things. If you have a number of skills as an entertainer, or you just like working with kids, there are a variety of entertainment jobs to keep you busy! And, of course, another benefit of working in this environment is that your accommodation is completely paid for and you pay no tax on your earnings!

Work for Your Accommodation

If you are going from hostel to hostel, many places will let you stay for free, as long as you chip in around the place. You can negotiate a couple of hours cleaning the space every day, and in return, you will have a nice comfy room. It’s important to research the best hostels before you you go for this, and check out any travel forums to see if people have had good experiences in working for accommodation.

Au Pair

One of the more common jobs after being a teacher, an au pair is a great way to work around the world. However, if you are looking to go from town to town and country to country, this will not work. Au pair contracts usually start at six months. That if this is something the appeals to you, you can look at the International Au Pair Association, and see the best places for your experience. 
As you can see, there’s a lot of options. And this is scratching the surface. Of course, you could be an instructor, a tour guide, and even be a busker. But when you have a limited set of skills, or you don’t think you get on boards with the teaching side of things, there is plenty for you to choose from. A life of travel can work for you, but remember, you have to work for it too!

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