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Travelling With Your Pet: Making It Great for Them and You!

Making sure that our pets are comfy on holiday is not just about putting them in the car and setting off, we have to make sure that they will enjoy the holiday as much as we would. As with any good holiday, having some preparation can make all the difference. What will it take to make sure that your pet is going to have a great holiday? 

Ask Yourself If Your Trip Is Pet-Friendly

Before you start planning, you’ve got to ask yourself if they would enjoy travelling with you. You have to think about the things that you want to do, and if your pet can take part in it. You may want to go to a hotel, but lots of hotels do not allow pets. However, there are many places that allow dogs. You can find many dog friendly holiday homes in the Yorkshire Dales or self-serve accommodation that allows pets.

Is Your Pet Ready to Travel? 

While your trip may involve travelling in the car, some outdoor activities, and plenty of pit stops along the way, you’ve got to ask yourself if the pet will enjoy every aspect of the journey. If you’ve got a dog, they need to be trained with the basic commands and need to be okay around new people before you take them to strange situations. Additionally, you need to ensure your pet has had a clean bill of health and was vaccinated. Try reading some Nutra Thrive for Cats reviews to see if adding supplements to the diet might be something you need to do for your feline friend beforehand.

But if you are still training your dog, you may want to start their holiday experience in a more modest fashion. Maybe don’t go on an epic two-week holiday, but think about breaking it up into a series of day trips. For example, going to a dog friendly park in Stafford or a rustic pub that allows dogs in, and will help you to adjust to new environments as well. Before you start tackling any overnight stays, this could help them in new surroundings so you can be more confident in the fact that they will be comfortable and safe while they are out. 

Try to Be Flexible

If you are travelling with your dog or pet, you will have to slow down and enjoy the journey on occasion. Plan for more frequent stops on your journey, and think about what it will take for them to enjoy it more. Taking your dog to a field by a service station might be a more memorable experience for them than on the destination itself! For those traling with cats, do not forget a travel litter box.  

Packing for Your Pet 

Whether you are going in a campervan or heading out in a car, you need to make sure they have a home away from home. If you’re taking them to another accommodation with strange sights and smells, think about bringing their favourite toy, and a special roll-up bed with the smells of home, which will make a big difference to their frame of mind. Your pet’s first holiday is going to bring memories that will last for years to come. So make sure you prepare properly.

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