ways to save money for travel

Seven super ways to save money for travel!

Looking for ways to save money for travel?

If you are reading this post then I’m guessing you are interested in travel too, and more importantly, saving money for travel? There are some super ways to increase those savings ahead of your trips and I have outlined seven of them below:

Examine your direct debits

We all let those direct debits creep in and from a personal perspective, although I think I know exactly what I’m signed up to, I’m always surprised at how many outgoings I have when I review them. Make a full list of all of your direct debits, standing orders and any other regular outgoings. Are there any you can decrease or cancel altogether? Even if it is just for a few months, many of your the non-essential direct debits can be re-instated at a later point.

Ask for vouchers

If you are saving for quite a while before going on your travels, there are bound to be birthdays and festive celebrations (such as Christmas) where you might usually receive gifts. Instead, you could perhaps request travel gift vouchers? It is such a lovely idea and each time you use the voucher, you can think of the person who gave it to you. I did this before travelling around Australia and was able to book some lovely experiences and overnight stays thanks to the generosity of my friends and family.

Start selling to save money for travel!

There are two huge benefits to selling unwanted items – the most important being that you can make some decent money and the second being that you can declutter before you go on your holiday. There are various ways you can do this – through local social media groups, Ebay, Pre-loved, Carboot sales and more! People have their own rules but mine are generally if I haven’t worn it or used an item in a year or more, then it is time to pass it on to someone else. Plus save money for travel along the way.

Use an online savings tool

What are your savings goals? Do you know exactly how much money you want to save for your travels? Pigly has a useful savings goal calculator which helps you to find out how much your current savings will grow. The Pigly savings calculator also shows how much more you’ll need to add regularly to achieve your savings goal in a set period of time.

Be prepared!

Being organised is half the battle when it comes to saving money. Think ahead – what events and festivities do you have coming up? Do you have any family or friends that you need to buy presents for or perhaps that special man or woman in your life? manlymanco.com has some great gift baskets for men. If you plan ahead, you won’t end up buying something on a whim and spending more than you would have planned.

Have a separate travel account

Having a separate bank account for my travel savings was a really important way for me to be able to increase my savings. Seeing the separate figure increasing really spurred me on and whenever I earned extra money, I transferred it straight into my travel savings account. You can always then decide whether to keep this money for a holiday or even invest is somewhere else. Consider a Bitcoin Wallet Übersicht which is a popular way of making additional income these days.

ways to save money for travel

Change your lifestyle to save money for travel

Are there any changes you can make to your spending to save money for travel? Before I went backpacking I completely cut out dining out and making unnecessary purchases. I took a packed lunch to work and made a ‘fakeaway’ every Saturday night instead of getting the real thing. I also started painting my own nails instead of getting them done in a salon and gave up my gym membership and started running outdoors.

Freelancing opportunities…

There are a lot more freelancing opportunities out there than you might first imagine. Most of us have some sort of skill that can be offered out as freelance and done outside of regular work time (if you are employed). I did some freelance social media scheduling when saving for my travels and it really helped to boost my savings. You’ll need to make sure you have a great internet connection for this but also something that is budget friendly too, like some of the Xfinity internet plans.

I’m a bit of an early bird so managed to squeeze it in during early mornings before going to work. As well as looking online for freelance opportunities, ask former colleagues and let people know that you are interested in earning some extra money using your existing skills.

Whatever way you end up saving money for travel, I hope you have an amazing time when you do get to pack your bags! Let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions too?

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