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3 Clothing Essentials When Packing for an Active Summer Holiday

Do you have an active holiday booked that you are anxiously awaiting? Active style holidays are a wonderful way to get to know the destination in depth and can ensure that you have memorable experiences. And while they are a lot of fun, they also require planning when it comes to packing. Because your days won’t be spent lazing on a beach or next to a pool, thought has to go into your clothing. Here’s a look at three clothing essentials when packing for an active summer holiday.

Choose Comfortable and Supportive Footwear

While your first instinct may be to pack your stylish and trendy shoes, if you plan on being active, comfort and support should be the top priorities. This will ensure you can spend long hours on your feet exploring and enjoying the destination and the many activities it features. In most cases, sneakers will be the best choice for an active holiday. Golden Goose sneakers can be a great way to combine fashion with comfort and function. You will have all the support you need in a shoe that is ultra-trendy. You can find an array of Golden Goose footwear options here. SSENSE which is well known for carrying the most in-demand luxury and high-end brands. From the classic sneaker to high-tops and slip-on sneakers, there are many styles to choose from.

A Hat Can be the Most Used Item You Pack

Whether you classify a hat as a clothing essential or an accessory, the fact is that it needs to make its way into your luggage. A hat isn’t meant to replace your sun protection (SPF lotion/cream); instead, it adds to your level of sun protection and comfort. Hats can help to keep you cooler, keep the direct sun out of your eyes, and prevent your scalp from getting sunburnt. They can even act as a fashion statement. Be sure to choose one that is lightweight and flexible so it can easily be packed in your luggage without misshaping it.

Even In Summer, Layers are Necessary

Summer weather usually means warm temperatures, but that’s not a given. Sometimes you can run into unseasonable temperatures and more commonly, rain. Then there is the fact that evenings tend to feel cooler, and if you’re spending time inside air-conditioned buildings and attractions – they can also be quite cold. For all of these reasons, dressing in layers makes good sense.

You can opt for lightweight layers that allow you to adapt to the current conditions. Things such as a lightweight rain jacket, a cardigan, a hooded sweater or even a casual looking linen blazer can be versatile enough to work with your wardrobe while being practical.

By adding each of these essentials to your packing list, you will be ensuring you’re dressed right to enjoy your active summer holiday. Feeling and looking comfortable means you’ll be able to focus on the holiday itself and all the fun you’re having.

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