things to love about Blackpool

Three Things To Love About Blackpool

Have you been to Blackpool before? Debz Aiken has written a post for us focusing on three things to love about Blackpool!

As a virtual assistant that works from home, I really do relish weekends and weeks away. Not one for travelling abroad, I’m a particular fan of a staycation. I used to live in Lancashire and so have a fondness for Blackpool, it really does have a little something for everyone. When Clare invited me to talk to you about Blackpool, I knew I had to share my top things to love about Blackpool.

Places To Stay in Blackpool

There is no end of places to stay in Blackpool. My sister and I once decided on Good Friday to visit for an Easter weekend – we jumped on the train & simply went for a wander with the hope of finding somewhere to stay, which we did within about 10 minutes. Personally, I think you have to stay in a bed and breakfast if you do go to Blackpool, as that is all part of its charm but there are also some big name hotels too if that is more your thing! Lately I have opted to stay at Peek-a-Booze, an adult-only hotel above a cabaret bar on North Shore – it’s not for everyone but with double vodka and red bull for £3 and a whole host of drag queens, it ticks all the boxes for me.

The Chippy Tea in Blackpool

Can you even call it a trip to the seaside if you haven’t had fish and chips? Personally, I love a battered sausage and chips from Blackpool, with lashings of curry sauce which seem to taste better here than anywhere else! I love a wander along the seafront with a portion of chips, even if it isn’t a perfectly hot day there is just something wonderful about the sea view.

There’s so much to do in Blackpool

As seaside towns go, there really is something for everyone. Of course, The Pleasure Beach is arguably one of the best theme parts in the world and this definitely is a big attraction for many. It might not be quiet like The Lake District but it is certainly full of excitement and energy.  I actually like a walk down any of the piers, a go on some of the arcade machines and perhaps a dance battle on one of the dance games. There are so many nice places to eat, somewhere to play crazy golf, a zoo you can visit, a tower to go to which includes a trip to the circus and of course, at the right time of year you’ll get to see the beautiful illuminations too!

Things are a little different in the world and I’m not sure when I’ll get back to the wonderful North West seaside town, but I hope it’s soon!

Would you like to share any things to love about Blackpool? If so, please do let us know in the comments below…

Thank you to Debz Aiken for writing this guest post.

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