Moving Guide to Brighton

Moving Guide to Brighton: 6 Reasons Why You Should Move Now!

Relocating to a new area can be challenging. There are a lot of adjustments that you need to make especially if you’re moving to a place far away from your old space. More often than not, it’s a life-changing decision. You get to gain new experiences, meet new people, and possibly even reach a new milestone in your career.

Moving Guide to Brighton

Before you start to relocate, you need to familiarise yourself with the new place. It’s best to go through a moving guide to Brighton so you can smoothly transition to your new home. This way, you won’t have to feel like an outsider. The faster you acclimatise to Brighton, the better.

We understand that there might be some anxiety with moving so we wrote this article. We give you 6 Reasons Why You Should Move to Brighton Now!

Culture and Community

Brighton is home to over 600 000 UK residents. It has one of the most diverse communities in the country. You can see it clearly from the events happening in Brighton all-year round. There’s no wonder why Brighton ranked first in the list of the UK’s happiest places to live and work in! Local authorities also focus on community engagement and are known for hosting the largest Pride event in the UK.

When you move to Brighton, expect friendly neighbours and fun events any time of the year. There are loads of social events and activities that you can participate in. These are perfect times to meet new people and befriend the locals.

Transportation Links

Brighton is found in the south-east coast of England in the county of East Sussex. Despite its laidback reputation, the city’s transportation system is as busy as other cities. Additionally, commuting to London, Southampton, and other areas near Brighton is easy! 

The roads experience the usual traffic as residents and tourists come and go to Brighton. The city has excellent bus connections and plenty of cabs to bring you wherever you need to go. Brighton also includes Thameslink’s route. If you plan to go to London, Thameslink is your best option.

Coastal Climate in Brighton

Brighton is located near the sea. The climate in the coastal city is warmer than the rest of the United Kingdom. Residents also enjoy an earlier springtime due to the warm temperature. Brighton has a sunny and mild climate. Even if it’s winter, it’s still warm. The temperature in Brighton usually ranges from 2°C to 20°C. Although sometimes, it goes down to -2°C or above 24°C.

Moving Guide to Brighton

Cost of Living 

The city is currently experiencing high demands in terms of residential and commercial spaces. If you plan to buy a home in Brighton, the average property cost is about £400 000 while the average rental price is estimated to be around £1 500 a month. There are also various types of housing available in Brighton, including detached houses, Victorian homes, terraced homes, and apartments.

According to Numbeo, the monthly cost of living without the rental price for a family of four is about £2600. As for those who will live alone, the cost of living may be £800. If we compare the cost of living in Brighton and London, the coastal city is relatively cheaper! Consuming essential items such as clothing, rent, and food is better in Brighton as the local purchasing power in the area is 9% lower. 

Tourists Attractions

Brighton is a thriving seaside city that offers a lot of great attractions. You can find historical landmarks, natural sites, and even fun activity centres! During your stay here, you won’t have any dull experiences.

Interested in arts and history? You can visit the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, Royal Pavilion, Booth Museum of Natural Museum and History, and more. Meanwhile, the SEA LIFE Brighton and Brighton Beach will showcase the city’s treasured aquatic environment. As for fun activities, Palace Pier, British Airways i360, Brighton Marina, and the Brighton Racecourse have a lot to offer! 

Brighton is also filled with great places to eat! You can find them along the Brighton Lanes and in other districts in the city. From fine dining restaurants, cafes, bakeries, fast food chains, to comfort foods, you can quickly get it here. If you are bringing your kids, you can also find family-friendly destinations in the city. Here, your family can have fun without the need to spend a lot! If you want to cherish the memories, read here for some tips in creating a family travel scrapbook.

Buzzing Local Economy

Brighton is more than just a top tourist destination. It is also a thriving city that attains a high employment rate with a total of 148 000 employed residents. Besides, due to its proximity to the capital, several residents commute to London for work!

Moreover, Brighton is an excellent place to start a business. This is because of their positive reputation, strategic location, and competitive nature. The coastal city is said to have more than 13 000 small and medium local businesses. It even supports more start-up companies compared to other areas nearby. Other than retail, tourism, and accommodation, Brighton also has a developing digital sector that is expected to help boost the local economy.

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