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Why Your Hair May Change During Travel

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It might not be something that you expect, but did you know that travel can affect your hair? Many people are surprised to find that, when they spend long periods of time travelling and away from home, their hair also goes on a trip of its own. This can include changes in hair colour, volume, thickness, and even hair loss. This should not deter you from travelling and you should know that there are always things that can be done, but it is helpful to understand why your hair might change along with what you can do to prevent or cope with any changes that you experience.

Change of Water & Shampoo

One of the main reasons that people’s hair changes when they travel is due to the water that they use. Water in certain places around the world has different qualities, which means that it can impact and change your hair over time. Additionally, many people end up switching to different shampoo brands while travelling and this can easily change the appearance and texture of your hair.  

Exposure to Sunlight

For many people, travel experiences involve visiting places with a lot of sunshine and spending a lot of time outdoors. While this can be an incredible experience, you will find that this can take its toll on your hair (and skin). Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause cuticle damage, which can then result in thinning, frizziness and discolouration.


Following this, humidity is often the main reason that people’s hair changes when they are travelling. This is usually temporary, but humid conditions can break the hydrogen bonds which causes the hair to “swell”. This affects some people more than others and can be hard to manage.

Lifestyle Changes

Another reason why people often experience a change in their hair during a travel experience is because of lifestyle changes. People often eat a different diet, lead a less healthy lifestyle and can experience high levels of stress during travel. This can all result in changes in your hair, including hair thinning and hair loss.

How to Manage Your Hair

So, what can you do during travel to prevent changes to your hair? Ultimately, it is about trying to maintain the same hair care routine and lifestyle to prevent changes. Additionally, you should consider wearing a hat in the sun so that you are able to protect your hair from direct sunlight. You might also want to buy a portable water filter (for more reasons than one). 

Hair Transplants

If you suffer from thinning hair or hair loss during your travel experience, you might want to consider a hair transplant. These are becoming incredibly common with men and women of all ages. You will want to speak to a world-leading practice like the Harley Street Hair Clinic as they will be able to find the best option based on your circumstances and use the best technologies to guarantee the best results.

People do not expect their hair to change during travel, but this can happen as a result of a few factors. Hopefully, this post will help you to manage your hair during travel as well as know what your options are if you experience long-term changes.

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