things to do with your old man

6 Things to Do With Your Old Man

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Yes, we know that Father’s Day is over, but you don’t need just one day to celebrate your old man and appreciate all that he’s done for you. 

You’ve always been their number one priority no matter what and they’ve put you above everything else – so it only makes sense that we make them feel special and loved every chance we get. Moreover, the best experiences are made by sharing them with someone close to you.

Now, if you’re one of those who forgot it was Father’s Day on the 19th of June, this does give you the opportunity to make up for it.

Speaking of celebrating our dads, in this article we’ve come up with a list of places in the UK you can visit with your old man for a day filled with adventures and entertainment. You can pick any of them and decide for yourself which one your dad would prefer the most.

1. Try Adventurous Activities with Your Dad

If your dad is an adventure junkie, then this makes for the perfect way to spend some quality time with him.

There are several places out there that offer adrenaline-filled outdoor activities you can try out with your dad. If you want, you can also collaborate with your friends to provide an outdoor surprise to your fathers.

Perhaps try something fun at your local park or go hiking in a hilly region.

However, if you’re looking for something more adventurous, places like Avalanche Adventure offer an array of outdoor activities in a natural environment. From riding buggies on bumpy roads to off roading and quad biking in Leicestershire, you can try out different activities with your dad.

You can also try other exciting sports like archery and clay pigeon shooting and indulge in a healthy competition with him.

2. Take a Tour of Sports Museums

If your dad is a fan of sports, unfortunately, many professional games like football are going on a break during summers. But, you can keep him in the sporty spirit by taking him to his favourite team’s sports stadium and museum.

These museums allow you to take a sneak-peek of what happens behind-the-scenes and give you a brief history of your favourite teams.

There are several sports museums in cities like London that you could visit and they would certainly make a perfect day out for fathers who love their favourite teams.

Moreover, sports museums are known to provide tours with amazing facilities to keep you and your dad entertained throughout the day. Some famous museums to visit include Chelsea Football Club Museum, Marylebone Cricket Club Museum, and The World Rugby Museum.

3. Explore Attractions in London

If you’ve never explored London enough, now’s the time to go exploring the world-famous attractions in the city. From the modern London Eye to the historic Tower of London, there are several places that are a must-visit on a London sightseeing trip.

If your dad is a fan of the magical world, you can take him to the sets of Harry Potter  at the Warner Bros Studio Tour London, where you get to see the costumes and various film locations used during the movie. While at it, do take a look at the city from the top by riding on the Emirates cable cars.

When it comes to exploring places in London, there are several things to try out, making for a fun-filled day for you and your dad.

4. Go Dining With Your Dad

There’s nothing better than catching up with your dad while having delicious meals. 

You can dine at the finest restaurants and pubs found all over the country. However, choose a place with his favourite meals and drinks, and we can guarantee it’s going to be an enjoyable afternoon.

You can also try something unique like going to riverside pubs, rooftop bars or even packing food and having it at a picnic spot. Overall, you have the liberty to choose a dining experience that’d suit your dad the most.

5. Go Shopping with Your Dad

An excellent way to make up for missing out on Father’s Day, shopping is one of the best gifts you could give your dad. Moreover, given that there are several shopping hotspots across cities in the United Kingdom, it makes for the best way to keep you and your dad busy.

You could try out different watches and jewellery with your dad to see what suits him the best. Or maybe, you could purchase brand new clothing for yourself and your dad by going to stores like Fortnum & Mason and Harrods to find your style. 

Later in the day, you can take a relaxing break by booking a spa or by getting afternoon tea. However, if you just want to sit and enjoy something with your dad, book tickets for theatre shows, music concerts, stand-up comedy or sports events and enjoy some quality time with him.

6. Visit Art Galleries and Major Museums

If your dad loves art and history, take him to some renowned museums in cities like London. On top of that, you could also go to various art exhibitions in famous art venues. For instance, you can visit the London Transport Museum that showcases some of the older trains that used to run in the country.

Since there are several unique exhibitions like these happening in the city, you’re bound to find something your dad will love. However, you need to be quick on your feet, as some of the tickets may sell out, even if they’re free.

To Conclude

Well, that sums up our list of things you could try out with your dad.

Many would think it’s easier to give a greeting card or liquor bottle as a late present, but there’s no better way to show your appreciation for him than by spending some quality dad-daughter / son time.

Now, plan your destination and book your tickets before they sell out to give your dad an experience of a lifetime.

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