Date Ideas

Five date ideas for people of any age

Dating is something that has no age boundaries. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, we all need human connection. It’s not only love, it’s companionship and having someone who really cares about you, for you. We’ve all experienced loneliness this year and the pain of being separated from those who we love. If you’ve loved and lost you don’t have to resign yourself to a life alone. Although it might not compare to what you have had in the past, a new relationship may well exist with its own unique and special qualities. Here are our top five date ideas for people of any age to enjoy.

Walking and Talking

Taking a walk is fantastic date. It might not sound awfully exciting but it offers some unique opportunities to talk and get to know each other. Sometimes the pressure of sitting opposite each other is a bit intense and when you’re walking you’ll find there isn’t quite so much eye contact but it’s easier to talk more freely.


Who doesn’t love brunch? It is a perfect date for people who might be anxious about going out in the evening, especially in winter when the nights are dark so early. It’s also a lot more relaxed than dinner. There’s no need to worry about whether you should dress up or not, it’s more than ok to be casual – unless you’re meeting at The Ritz! If you’re over 50 dating you will be in good company as more and more people choose to find someone to share life with, a companion or a romantic relationship.


An art gallery is a fun and interesting date. You don’t need to be an art buff to enjoy a few hours wandering around a gallery. Art can be very personal so it is an interesting place to visit on a date and will provide plenty of opportunity for conversation.


The theatre is such a treat. If you combine a trip to the theatre with a meal before or after there will be time to talk too. Seeing live music and talented actors and actresses can be such a special moment and it will be lovely to share it with your date. If you opt for dinner afterward you will have plenty to talk about as you can discuss what you thought of the production. Don’t forget to buy a programme to keep as a souvenir and to refer back to when you’re talking about what you’ve seen.

Blow away the cobwebs at the beach

We all love the beach. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like it’s always a great place to go to for a date. All the benefits of walking and talking will be there and some absolutely stunning scenery too. If the weather is cold it can be rather romantic to wrap up and go for a stroll. If you struggle to sleep at night I always find that the sea air helps so a visit might well double up on it’s advantages.

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