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Free up storage on your phone while vacationing: Try these steps!

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Going on vacation warrants a full-blown photography session for you and your loved ones. Not only do devices today capture high-resolution pictures to rival professional cameras, but they can also be relied on to shoot high-definition videos of beautiful destinations. Whether you’re a travel blogger who loves to capture every moment spent on the go, or an influencer looking to boost your followers, phone photography is a valuable skill. However, storage space can always become an unexpected roadblock to clicking away to your heart’s content, thus slowing your device’s performance. 

If you need to free up storage space on your hand-held device, this is the best blog to start with! Here are five things to do that will optimize your phone’s performance while increasing memory space.

Backup your photos and videos on the cloud

There are several Cloud storage options available for users to back their data up. For starters, Google has Drive while Apple has iCloud, both known for their highly efficient security and privacy. If you work from multiple devices, including your phone, buying a subscription for expanded Cloud storage is a good option. All your files get stored in a digital space without compromising the quality or shrinking image definitions. Once your files and images are backed-up, delete them from your device; you’ll still be able to access them.


Clear your text messages

How many of us are guilty of storing unnecessary text messages? It may not happen immediately, but the accumulating spam and promotional messages in your inbox can take up more space than you think. Make sure to clean out your inboxes weekly to prevent a build-up of such messages. If you’re struggling to get the job done as an Apple user, head to for simple steps. 

Empty your recently deleted folder

One of the top bloopers of every phone user thinks deleting pictures increases space. This applies especially to iPhones, where a designated “Recently Deleted” folder stores all such removed pictures and files for 30 days. Sadly, this consumes memory space too! So the next time, make sure that you immediately clear out this folder. 

phone storage

Delete heavy apps

You may have installed applications of large sizes, but it may be ruining your phone’s performance. If you find your phone lagging while trying to click photos on Pro Mode during a vacation, quickly remove these apps from your device. Don’t forget to clear the cache to free up some extra space. For iPhone users, another trick would be to temporarily offload the application from the device to make more space.


Remove third-party media

Applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and editing platforms tend to save downloaded images separately on your devices. If you find them redundant, delete them to make more space on your device! 

Wrapping Up:

Your phone storage can create more problems than reducing the number of HD pictures you can click on a vacation; they can also slow down or overheat your device. Make sure to maintain digital hygiene by keeping your phone free of clutter! To read about more travel and digital productivity blogs, stay tuned for our next editorial!

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