What Type Of Holiday

What Type Of Holiday Will You Book Next?

One of the best conversations that you can have with your friends is the one that gears towards holidays and trips away. Making memories is exciting, but it may surprise you to know that there are tons of different holiday types. You may think holidays are the ones spent by the beach, enjoying the ocean and partying all night – but they’re not!

Holidays are so much more than booking a flight to Magaluf strip to party with friends and try new cocktails. There are so many ways that you can enjoy your downtime, and it’s in these moments that you can truly make those holiday memories. It can often be easier to choose the type of trip you are looking for rather than choose a specific destination. So, what types of holiday are on offer for you to choose from? Let’s take a look!

Ecotourism Breaks

You may not have heard of these before, but there are many companies out there that offer breaks that are designed so that you stay in areas that support the habitat and wildlife. You can mix with locals in mudhuts and spend time volunteering to help the wildlife. It is a great chance to have an authentic experience.

Nature Breaks

Short breaks or long holidays involving you being closer to nature and spending more time in the wild are on offer if you know where to look. If you love the countryside and you want to explore a little more, then these are the right holidays for you and your family.

Luxury Holidays

Sometimes, you just want to kick back and let someone else do all the work. All-inclusive breaks are a favourite among couples and friends who want to forget about cooking and cleaning for a couple of weeks. You can grab luxury with both hands with beach villas or luxury resort breaks. Sometimes you just need to escape and see the ocean in all its blue and green clarity. Mauritius, anyone?

What Type Of Holiday

Safari Holidays

How exciting would it be to be among the elephants and lions? Well, you can see the lions from a distance! African wildlife safari holidays are so exciting, whether you are in the Serengeti or you are spending time camping, there are plenty of places to visit and see wildlife exactly where they should be!

Adventure Breaks

Whether you pick skiing holidays or cycling holidays, you can find something that matches your energy and activity levels when you do some research. Adventures are out there to be taken with both hands, and all you have to do is decide what kind of adventure you want.

Wellness Breaks

Ohmmm….Ohmmm… oh, sorry! Yoga retreats and spa holidays are exceedingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. Give your body a break and your mind a boost, and do it while feeling energised and happy on the inside.

There are so many more holiday types than these, but start here and work on the rest later. You have memories to make!

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