Four Responsible Ways To Find Staycation Accommodation

Four Responsible Ways To Find Staycation Accommodation

Lockdown has been tough, so nobody begrudges you a holiday. If anything, we all wish we could go to a place where the Coronavirus wasn’t an issue and forget about it for a while. That isn’t possible because COVID-19 is now a part of life, but that doesn’t mean a holiday is out of the question.

Hopping on a plane and heading abroad is a risk, yet there’s nothing wrong with a staycation. The UK is just as beautiful as any destination in its own way, and you can have a wonderful break.

However, you need to choose your accommodation responsibly. Here are four tips to keep in mind.

Buy Insurance

Insurance is something that you may not invest in during normal times. What with access to free healthcare around the UK, it’s not as scary to travel without a comprehensive policy. Of course, there’s more to cover than medical care, and accommodation is at the top of the list. Buying from an insurer that specifies they will include your hotel, B&B, or rental could save you a fortune. Be careful, though, as there are industry terms and conditions. For example, your policy may not cover you if you’re less than twenty-five miles away from your house.

View It Over Zoom

Usually, holiday accommodation is something you take a risk with because it’s not as if you can travel to see the room or guesthouse before booking. That’s fine, but the recent health crisis has made it easier for travellers to request video evidence. All you have to do is ask the company or individual to provide a remote tour of the digs. It’s not as effective as being in the room, but it’s better than taking an unnecessary gamble. Lots of accommodation providers will do it, so it’s not as if you’re cheeky to ask!

Four Responsible Ways To Find Staycation Accommodation

Avoid Public Places

When you imagine the ideal holiday digs, you probably fantasise about a luxury hotel suite. There’s nothing wrong with traditional forms of accommodation, yet they are risky due to the Coronavirus pandemic. After all, you’re stuck in a building with strangers spreading germs. Logically, a private holiday rental makes miles more sense as you can isolate from the outside world and stick to social distancing measures. Although they sound exotic, there are tonnes of them online since budding entrepreneurs want to make a profit from spare homes and holiday houses.


You’re desperate for a getaway. However, you shouldn’t let the urge to take a break get in the way of your family’s health. It may not be the right time to book a holiday at the moment, which is sad. Still, it’s better to wait for accommodation that offers a safe and secure environment rather than chancing it on the basis that you haven’t been on holiday this year. You shouldn’t have to hold on for much longer. The rules aren’t as new and establishments are more effective at toeing the line between housing tourists and stopping the spread of the virus.

Are you ready for a staycation?

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