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5 things you need to do on a dream weekend in Paris

Ooooh Paris. What an absolutely gorgeous city and somewhere I could return to again and again without getting bored of it. I remember going with my (now) husband there when we first started dating and it honestly blew me away as a city and definitely turned out to be an incredibly romantic destination which we often hear so much about…

So if someone asked me what my top tips are for a dream weekend in Paris, I would happily recommend the following:

Choose where you stay carefully

Personally I think staying centrally in Paris is key to having a relaxing and chilled out weekend. You don’t want to be travelling in and out of the city and being able to walk to most of the main places will make it so much more enjoyable. Be careful where you choose though! We found The Latin Quarter is an excellent place to choose – it is unique and has some lovely inexpensive restaurants to dine at. When you are ebooking your place to stay, try to go for a mid-range option if your  budget allows. Most likely you won’t be in your hotel for that long but you’ll still want a good quality hotel at the same time too.

Pre-book the Moulin Rouge

Oh I know it’s a bit of a cliche to visit the Moulin Rouge when in Paris but I honestly think it has to be done – assuming you haven’t been to it before. We pre-booked the show including a meal and of course champagne. It was such a memorable evening and something I will always think of fondly.

Pencil in some time to ramble…

It is great to plan some places to visit but I think it is also important to schedule in some time just to ramble around, browse in some of the quirky Parisian shops, sit and savour a coffee while people-watching and just take some time out. After-all, if you are having a weekend away, you probably don’t want it to be full-to-the-brim with things to do all day long.

Love the Louvre

I think this is really a must-see when in Paris. And dare I say The Eiffel Tower too? You can spend a short amount of time there and still really enjoy it or take your time and spend the whole day. The choice is yours. But whatever you do, just make sure you go at least once. You’ll feel a little more cultured and just a bit more relaxed too.

Try something new….

Another thing I always remember from my visits to Paris are the gorgeous meals I have had there (along with plenty of vino too). I tried snails for the first time in the Latin Quarter and although I’m not sure I would go for them again, I think they made a massive impact and I’m really glad I tried them. We also loved trying fondue too, along with masses of wine. Now that was a memorable meal…

Have you ever been to Paris? Do you have any recommended things to do which you think are worth mentioning too? Please do let us know in the comments below and we will add them in…

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