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How Much Does a Serviced Apartment in London Cost?

In large, highly desirable locations (such as large capital cities) accommodation is always an expensive necessity, as more people try to fit into the area than there is traditional housing for. London has never really been known for its cheapness, and the accommodation situation there can be as expensive as anywhere in the world. But there are accommodation options to suit all budgets and tastes, even in this, the eighteenth most expensive city in the world. Let us take a look at these.

What Do You Need?

When one thinks of high-end London hotels, it can be guaranteed that the price is almost certainly going to be very high: entire mortgage payments in smaller cities being swallowed by one or two nights’ stay. But there are cheaper hotels, budget options that are a little way out of the city centre. These will require transport costs to be added, but the relative cheapness of the hotels more than make up the difference. For the truly budget traveller, there are backpacker or youth hostels which offer a bed, a hot shower and a basic meal for a remarkably low price (as little as £88 for five nights for two adults) and these can still be found, even in London. But for travellers looking to stay in the city for anywhere from a week to six months, a serviced apartment might be the perfect London accommodation.

Tailor-made Services

If you are looking for comfortable living in a residence that is suitable for you to invite business partners, managers and potential customers for dinner, then serviced apartments London can be the ideal solution, and one that will not break the bank, despite the appearance of sumptuous elegance. With serviced apartments you can choose the level of domestic care you require: anywhere from a quick spritz around once a week, to a full daily housekeeping service which makes beds, does laundry and even arranges a curated menu for you. The latter can be ideal for students working on their research or for businesspeople looking to close the deal – anyone with little time to devote to everyday mundanities.

What Else is Included?

A serviced apartment comes with heating, light and utilities all included, along with a good Wi-Fi connection, and often a reasonably comprehensive television package too. The more luxury you pay for, the better these amenities will be, and can even include access to nearby gyms and swimming pools, VIP entry to nearby venues and a host of other benefits.

Size Does Matter

The size of the apartment that you need will inform the price you pay in the long run. A small midrange one-bedroom apartment in Chelsea is obviously going to be very much cheaper than a luxury Mayfair apartment kitted out for eight people. The former will set you back anywhere from £150 per night, while the latter is ten times that amount at £1,500.00 per night. In some cases, you will be offered a discount for longer stays, but this is not always the case.

To summarise, you will need to work out exactly what you need from your serviced apartment, and budget accordingly. Your budget should be prepared for at least £100 per night for the smallest apartment with a basic service, with the price increasing with every increase in the number of beds, the services you require, and the area in which you will be staying.

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