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8 Clever Ways to Make Money as an Avid Traveller

Most avid travellers are rolling stones with no ties to any place. That means that they cannot rely on traditional jobs to make money. As a traveller, to make ends meet and even get a surplus income to allow you to maintain your lifestyle, you need to get creative on other ways to make money. Ways that won’t stifle your passion for being on the road. Here are some clever ways to make money as an avid traveller:

Become an influencer

If you happen to boast a decent following on social media, you could consider being an influencer. The influencer job title has become popular, especially with the astronomical growth of social media. An influencer tends to influence their readers’ mindset and action on certain things.

During your time on the road, you need various equipment. Contact brands that sell the equipment and ask them to let you be an ambassador for the items. Influencer marketing is on the rise. More brands are open to working with social media personalities to market their offerings. The best part about the job is that you can do it anywhere and still earn a decent income.

If your audience is not as huge, you could consider reaching out to smaller brands that need exposure. They are easier to convince when you are starting. It is a win-win for both you and the brand. There are also sites like Tokmatik which can help you grow your audience on TikTok.

Do Online freelancing

In 2020, 36% of the workforce comprised of freelancers. The percentage is still growing. During the pandemic, most companies were open to outsourcing freelancers to manage their work demands. The demand for freelancers in different sectors is now bigger than ever. All you need to do is build an online portfolio of your skills. The benefit of freelance jobs is that you have the freedom to choose the workload or projects that you love. It may be a little challenging to get a job when you begin. However, if you are excellent at the few jobs you get, you will create a positive track record and positive feedback on your profile. With time, you will get to enjoy a steady stream of work and income. Some of the most profitable fields in freelancing are data entry, graphic design, content writing and web development and design.

Teach your language

As a seasoned traveller, the chances are that you travel far and wide- even to countries that do not speak your language. You can use that to your advantage by enrolling to teach your language in the places you travel. If you are a native English speaker, the work opportunities are endless, seeing that the demand for English is high globally. There are plenty of Online TEFL Courses in the UK available to get qualified to teach. You do not have to be an anglophone to get a language teaching job. Just visit the schools in the area and offer to teach your language. Most people are usually keen on learning a new language.

Teach other skills you have

We all have unique skills and abilities that we can share. You could be good at playing an instrument, graphic design, coding or even photo editing. There are high chances of getting people without those skills who’d appreciate learning them. Put up notices on social media offering to teach your skills at a fee. It is a great idea to make money while getting connected with the people in the local community.

Sell photographs

Not everyone gets to travel to places every day. But they are happy to live vicariously through you. When travelling, document your travel in photos and sell them for a little extra cash. To get the best quality images, you may need to invest in a good camera. An iPhone is great, but the image quality does not come close to a good camera. If your photography skills need a little touching up, you can get resources online to learn basic photography and videography skills. Some of the websites where you can sell your photos are Shutterstock, Etsy or 500px.

Buy and rent a boat

Boating is hands down among the best recreational activities. With a boat, you get to enjoy the fresh air since it is just water surrounding you. It is easy to relax and clear your mind on a boat ride. You can buy sailboat to use on those sunny days when you need fun things to do outdoors with your friends and family as you escape from everyday life. Most people are usually not ready to invest in a boat but still cherish the experience of being out in the water. You can use that as an opportunity to make money!
Yes, you can still rent out your boat and get some cash instead of your boat sitting idle at the dock or on the trailer. It is a win-win situation for any boat lover!

Rent your car

Unless you are embarking on a road trip, your car can get you a few extra coins. There is no point leaving it in the garage or at the airport parking for the entire duration of your trip. Instead of leaving your car unused, you could rent your car. You will get to earn a few hundred or thousand bucks as you explore the world. Without even lifting a finger!

Rent out your home

Unless your home is an RV that you use to tour the world, you can make a few coins with it when you are out in the world. Since you will not be using your home, you could consider renting it too. Put it up on Airbnb and get some money off of it. Leave the keys with your neighbours or a friend that will give the keys to the lessee.

Final Remarks

To get by as a traveller, you may need multiple income streams. A few dollars here and there will accumulate to be enough to sustain your lifestyle as a traveller. And with time, with the tips above, you will get to not only get by but also travel on more than just a tiny budget.

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