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Luxury travel in 2022 – what to expect?

When it comes to travelling, few experiences are more memorable or incredible than a luxury vacation! Indeed, a growing number of people are hence choosing luxury vacations for their choice of trip – and today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best luxury travel destinations you could book for 2022. After all, now’s the time to look at booking these excellent travel opportunities!

Luxury Travel Destinations for 2022

If you’ve been looking to go away on holiday for 2022, then picking a destination with the help of a luxury travel agency might be just what you need. Indeed, luxury travel vacations offer so much more, and this makes them incredibly popular options for those looking to get away and make the most of the opportunities available to them!

As such, today, we’ve taken a look at some of the top luxury travel destinations for 2022. Indeed, we know how much you deserve a break. That’s why we have worked tirelessly to ensure that you’re able to enjoy the best luxury travel experiences for 2022 – even if you might need to find some hints for winning the lottery to afford certain trips!

Blue Kotor Bay, Montenegro

When it comes to luxury travel destinations, the Blue Kotor Bay in Montenegro could be the ideal choice of destination. Featuring stunning mountain backdrops and an incredible and diverse culture, this resort is sure to be a holiday destination of a lifetime. Best of all, it’s also a pretty affordable choice for luxury travel destinations at just shy of £750 for a week, based on a two-person vacation. Evidently, then, if you’ve been looking for a luxury travel destination with your partner, this could be it.

Stella Island, Crete

Stella Island is undeniably one of the most stunning regions of Crete, and its relatively small nature means it’s often an excellent opportunity for holidaymakers looking to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy a more relaxed time. As an additional benefit, holidaymakers choosing Stella Island, Crete will also benefit from some of the lowest prices on this list of luxury travel options at just under £1200 for a seven-night package.

Switzerland by Rail

Switzerland is highly regarded as being a truly stunning destination, but if you really want to experience everything that this country has to offer, travelling Switzerland by rail is an experience that we highly recommend. A five-night stay with the Mountains Luxury Rail holiday will cost in the region of £2000 per person, making it a more expensive option for luxury holidaying. Nevertheless, you’ll stay in a new hotel every night and get to take in everything that Switzerland has to offer as part of your first-class rail experience – so it’s definitely something to consider for your luxury holidaying.

Secrets, Lanzarote

You probably weren’t expecting us to pick out Lanzarote for this list – but it’s fair to say that the Secrets hotel absolutely lives up to its namesake as one of Lanzarote’s most stunning destinations! To this end, with prices starting from just £725 per person for seven nights (including breakfast, transfers, and luggage requirements) and the opportunity to relax in your own little slice in the sun, we’re confident that this could be an ideal destination for your next luxury trip.

Ivi Mare, Cyprus

It’s not as affordable as the Blue Kotor Bay, but if it’s luxury you’re looking for, the Ivi Mare has it in spades. Indeed, the Ivi Mare in Cyprus is an incredibly popular choice of luxury travel destination, offering a ten-night package for $1300 per person. The resort is, without a doubt, the epitome of luxury travel destinations, with incredibly views and an all-inclusive package. Plus, it’s an adults-only resort, so you can be sure to get some R&R in with this destination.

Royal Garden Villas and Pool, Tenerife

Tenerife is often well-known for its stunning scenery and excellent vacation opportunities, but if it’s luxury travel you’re looking for, the Royal Garden Villas and Pool could be just the perfect option! You’ll pay for the experience, of course, with the prices for a couple staying for 7 days start from £2500; nevertheless, this is an all inclusive package and you’ll truly get to take in the splendour and opulence of this incredible destination, which for many people makes it all worth it!

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking for luxury holiday opportunities, then our list today of the best luxury destinations for 2022 may be a good place to start! Hopefully, these will have given you some ideas about how to find the perfect luxury travel destinations for your needs – so, don’t compromise!

Learn more about luxury travel with help from our team today, or let us know in the comments below if you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit these stunning destinations. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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