Centre Parcs Aqua Sana Spa

Centre Parcs Aqua Sana – Everything you need to know about visiting

Centre Parcs Aqua Sana is literally one of my favourite places on earth. Find out everything you need to know about visiting…

We are long-terms fans of Centre Parcs Aqua Sana and Centre Parcs UK in general too. My husband used to go as a child and since we met 16 years ago, we have been going almost every year. Our trip always involves a visit to the Centre Parcs Spa too whether that’s at Centre Parcs Elveden or one of the other sites. I have been to most of them and love each of them for different reasons.

The Aqua Sana Elveden is the first one we ever visited and we have been back there many times since. However the Longleat Centre Parcs Spa had a complete refurbishment recently and the Woburn Spa Centre Parcs is pretty new as the site itself was only built in 2014.

Centre Parcs Aqua Sana Spa

Tell me more about Centre Parcs Aqua Sana

Center Parcs UK has the most wonderful Aqua Sanas which I would advise you to pre-book into in advance. You can book a visit to the Aqua Sana as part of your Center Parcs break, a Centre Parcs day pass or you can book a spa break which also enables you to use the other facilities at Center Parcs.

I usually use the Center Parcs Spa as part of a long weekend break when we take the kids but more recently, my husband and I enjoyed a spa break at Centre Parcs Longleat for our wedding anniversary and it was pure bliss.

The Centre Parcs Woburn spa is absolutely stunning with an outdoor pool that looks out onto the lake. It is probably my favourite overall but to be honest, all of the Centre Parcs locations are great. And I think they are actually pretty good value.

Centre Parcs Aqua Sana Spa

My top tips for visiting the Aqua Sana Spa at Center Parcs

♥  I have made the mistake of getting to the Center Parcs spa after my session has started, therefore not taking advantage of the full time allocated. This is because it sometimes takes longer to get there than planned. At Centre Parcs Elveden, the spa is actually quite far away from the main plaza and can also be quite far from your Center Parcs lodge. Make sure you check out the Center Parcs map beforehand to gauge how long it will take to get there.

Book in advance – Before our spa break at the aqua sana Longleat we made sure that we booked any treatments beforehand. Depending on the day, they can get booked up quite quickly and if you are there with your family, you may have other activities to do. The Centre Parcs booking system is fantastic and you can just login and change things if needed.

I like to visit each room first for a few minutes when I visit any of the Center Parcs spas. Then I usually take a break and get something yummy at the spa’s cafe before taking a dip in the outdoor pool and visiting my favourite rooms again.

Centre Parcs Aqua Sana Spa

Take some magazines & a bag – Centre Parcs Woburn Spa and the other spas do supply magazine (during non-Covid times) but to be honest I do prefer to take my own with me so I don’t have to worry about getting it wet or damaged. I also take a canvas bag with me which I take around the spa and hang up outside the door to each room along with my robe. I usually have a bottle of water in it too, although the spa does provide this at different refreshment stations if you prefer.

Bring makeup remover, deodrant, moisturiser and a hairbrush – this isn’t specific to Center Parcs but try to remember these four things as you’ll feel instantly refreshed when you have finished up at the Aqua Sana Centre Parcs.

More tips for your visit…

There’s no need for shampoo, conditioner or shower gel at the Center Parcs Spas as they provide this for you in each shower cubicle. There are of course hairdryers there too and lockers which you can use your wristband to lock when you are there. Plastic bags are usually provided too which you can

Try to maximise your time at the sessions if you can. As mentioned above, try to arrive on time or even slightly before your session and stay in the spa right up until the end of your slot. You can then go ahead and shower and get changed after that.

Centre Parcs Aqua Sana Spa

Treat yourself to something at the cafe too. Woburn Centre Parcs Spa has a gorgeous cafe which has an indoor and outdoor area. Watch the world go by while sipping on a steaming coffee or even a glass of bubbles too.

You can of course book from a selection of Centre Parcs spa treatments and there are lots to choose from. I actually tend not to book them though and prefer spending my full three hours (if I am doing a pre-booked slot) at the spa. I think it really depends on what you prefer but my favourite thing is to sit in each of the different spa experience rooms and relax in the lounge areas in between with a good magazine!

You might want to pack a spare swimsuit with you. I mentioned the Aqua Sana Woburn has a lovely cafe…Well it’s sometimes nicer to sit in it with a dry swimming costume. If you have a spare one in your locker, you can quickly pop in to put it on and grab a day bathrobe from the shelves too – there are usually plenty.

Slippers not included! Just so you know, they don’t provide any kind of footwear. I think they did previously? You might want to pack some flip flops to wear as you walk around and they are hand to wear in the cafe there too.

If you are at Center Parcs as a family, they have fantastic creche facilities as well as classes / workshops for children. Enrolling them in this can mean you and your partner can have a couple of hours to yourself to enjoy the spa. It can work out pricey but completely worth it if you can do it to spend time at Centre Parcs Longleat Spa, Center Parcs Woburn Spa or one of the others…

Centre Parcs Aqua Sana Spa

Final thoughts on the Centre Parcs Aqua Sana

You can tell from what I have written above that I really rate the Centre Parcs Aqua San and as a whole, whether you are looking for Center Parcs free activities or paid-for centre parcs activities, there is sooooooo much to do at this lovely holiday venue.

For an added bit of excitement on a luxury scale, you can stay at a Centre Parcs treehouse too. Also have a look at hiring a Centre Parcs cabana at the main pool – that’s something I did on a girly trip with friends and it was fab.

Centre Parcs accommodation in my opinion is fantastic. The Center Parcs lodges are just the right size, always clean and perfectly furnished. I don’t really have a favourite, though our Centre Parcs Longleat forest spa break was just lovely as it was totally focused on relaxing at the spa. That said, we love our Centre Parcs holidays as a family too.

Centre Parcs Aqua Sana Spa

If you are visiting CP in the future, then I can’t emphasise enough how much a Centre Parcs Spa Day, treatment or session is such a lovely thing to do to relax.

The Centre Parcs Spa Woburn is the closest Centre Parcs near me and probably the next place I would book for a spa break, but Elevden can often be cheaper and I like the other facilities there (not at the spa itself) are preferable. If you would like any family or friends to visit while you are there, look into the day pass to Centre Parcs too. It can easily be done.

Our next trip is going to be a Centre Parcs Christmas visit which we were meant to take last year. I’ll make sure I incorporate a Center Parcs Aqua Sana session during our visit. We can’t wait for it and I look forward to reporting back!

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