Center Parcs Winter Wonderland Reviews

Center Parcs Winter Wonderland Reviews – Visiting at Christmas!

Looking for Center Parcs Winter Wonderland Reviews? You are in the right place!

Center Parcs Winter Wonderland reviews are a must-read before you visit – whether it is to pick up tips or help you to decide whether you would like to visit.

I have to warn you, I love Center Parcs. And Christmas. A lot. Combining both is a dream and writing Center Parcs Winter Wonderland reviews comes easily to me as I have picked up so many tips, thoughts and comparisons on my many many visits over the years.

I’ve been going to Center Parcs since I was a child and have the happiest memories of hours and hours of family fun. I spent both my 21st and my 40th birthdays there and countless other trips in between. We really enjoy how quickly the holiday feels like it starts. As soon as you’ve checked in at the arrivals lodge you are free to park your car and enjoy all the Parc has to offer. It takes no time at all to unpack into the well thought out, cosy lodges. The children happily help with the unpacking and then, while they draw all over the chalk board, my husband will return the car to the car park as I scoot around getting things sorted so that we can go swimming and come back to everything in it’s place.

Having fun at the Center Parcs playground

Tell me more about Center Parcs Winter Wonderland…

Winter Wonderland at Center Parcs has its own magic. The walkways are lit with fairy lights, Christmas music fills the air, snow machines dotted here and there offer a sprinkling of the white stuff and, of course, you can book a trip to see Father Christmas in his Woodland Workshop. Read on for some of my top tips for getting the most out of your Winter Wonderland holiday at Center Parcs at Center Parcs for christmas.

♥ Book in your visit to see Father Christmas and his Elves at his Woodland Workshop as soon as you can. We always opt for a visit at dusk so that the Christmas lights are just starting to twinkle but you can still take in the magical surroundings.

♥ Be prepared for your Center Parcs Christmas family photo with Father Christmas. You might want to dress everyone in their Christmas jumpers. A print of this is included in the price of your booking.

♥ Don’t forget to make a stop to see the Reindeer at Center Parcs Winter Wonderland. Seeing Father Christmas’ reindeer outside his Workshop adds something extra special. They are beautiful creatures and it’s a joy to see them up close.

♥ Pack some fairy lights to decorate your lodge with when you go to Center Parcs at Christmas. Increasingly over the past few years we have noticed families are decorating their windows with fairy lights. It’s a good way to recognise your lodge from the outside whilst spreading some cheer to others as they pass by.

Center Parcs Winter Wonderland Reviews

We love sharing tips about visiting Center Parcs at Christmas!

♥ Each lodge has a fire or wood burner in it. You are only permitted to use smokeless logs which you can arrange to be delivered ready to your lodge for your arrival or you could buy them at the Village Parc Market. If, however, you notice these in your local petrol station forecourt or perhaps in your local hardware store you may well save yourself a few pounds by buying them off site. If you have any left over you can always take them home to bring back for your next visit.

♥ The Subtropical Swimming Paradise is such great fun no matter what your age or what time of year you go. Winter provides an extra layer of magic because you can swim when it is dark outside. If you have young children this is probably the only time of year they would get to swim with the sun setting outside as there is no need for them to stay up too late.

♥ We have used both the crèche and the children’s activity workshops. We would highly recommend both. The Festive Chocolate Making workshop taking place at christmas at Center Parcs was so popular with mine that they have done it for several consecutive years. This also means you have three hours to yourselves… which coincides with the perfect timing for a World of Spa visit. This books up fast so make sure you book it as soon as you can.

♥ If you have early risers like mine, why not pop their hats, scarves and coats on and get out for an early morning walk/scoot/ride through the forest and around the Parc. This can be a lovely way to see all the lights with hardly anyone about. Hearing the Forest waking up; the birds start to sing, the squirrels and deer rustling in the Woodland is a perfect tonic to our busy lives. You could always leave your partner to have a lie in, assuming they will do the same for you the following day!

The Aqua Sana at Centre Parcs

Make sure you visit the Center Parcs Aqua Sana – it is divine!

♥ Whenever you visit Center Parcs, make sure you book yourself into the Center Parcs Aqua Sana. I always go when we visit. My husband usually does chills out at our log cabin with the kids and I spend a few hours in complete luxury. It’s such something I like forward to every year. Center Parcs spa breaks are also such a lovely thing to do with your husband or wife or even a friend if you are able to get someone to look after the kids. We did this for my birthday last year and it was amazing!

The Center Parcs restaurants are fab but you will need to book ahead beforehand if you want to eat at a time that suits you and your family. Have a look at your Center Parcs booking and see how far ahead you can pre-book? You usually need to pay a £5 deposit per person for your booking which can be redeemed when you eat there.

Center Parcs Winter Wonderland Reviews

Center Parcs Winter Wonderland Reviews – More tips for visiting Center Parcs:

Think about whether you want to use Center Parcs bike hire beforehand or whether you would like to take your own? We have done a mix of the two but the last few years, we have brought the kids bikes with us in the car and then hired adults bikes just for the day. Mainly as we don’t have a proper bike rack to take all five of ours! The Center Parcs bikes for hire are excellent and the team at the bike hire are so helpful! Also if you are looking for free activities at Center Parcs, this can be a great option as if you bring your own bikes, it doesn’t cost at thing!

Whether you are thinking of visiting Center Parcs Longleat, Center Parcs Woburn, Center Parcs Sherwood or Center Parcs Elveden Forest at Christmas you are bound to have the best time!

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